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12 June 2024

Successful EASL Congress 2024

EASL Congress in Milan, Italy, was a blast: It was very motivating to welcome interested peers, industry members, and fellow consortium members together with coordinator Rajiv Jalan (UCL) and clinical study supervisor Cornelius Engelmann (Charité) at the A-TANGO Networking Session on Friday, 7 June, and to see the results of young investigators Julian Pohl (Charité) and Annarein Kerbert (LUMC) on their posters. Brief video presentations of both posters will soon be online. Can't wait to see data from our first G-TAK trial patients as well. Keep up the hard work!

THU-057 (Annarein Kerbert): Distinguishing clinical profiles in acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF): A comparative analysis of alcohol-related hepatitis versus infection-precipitated ACLF

SAT-452 (Julian Pohl): Evolving patterns in the clinical burden of liver cirrhosis: Comprehensive analysis from a leading German tertiary center

Coordinator Rajiv Jalan (UCL) also spoke prominently during Saturday's lunch-time EASL Studio session about the need to prioritise ACLF stage 2 and stage 3 patients for liver transplantation and about the clear benefits of transplants in this patient group, which otherwise has a death rate of nearly 28%.

10 June 2024

Status Update

We've hit substantial obstacles, many of which were not foreseeable. The project's kick-off was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and the macroeconomic challenges (inflation, loss of time and resources) and other long-term effects (lack of qualified medical personnel) of the pandemic still affect the project today.

Next were technical difficulties with the initial company that had been commissioned to manufacture the TAK-242 antagonist - an essential component of the proposed combinatorial therapy "G-TAK". The second component is the commercially available compound G-CSF. Luckily, another company has now been able to successfully manufacture the drug.

Then, adversity struck again and we lost our former contract research organisation Alpha-BioResearch (ABR) to bankruptcy. An amendment proposal of A-TANGO's description of action (DoA) was submitted in November 2023 and has since undergone various revisions - a lengthy process that, we hope, will soon be completed, so that the project can continue with the necessary changes (budget cuts, adjustments of work packages, and reduction of patient numbers and participating liver centers) without changing the overall goal and ambition of our undertaking.

7 June 2024

A-TANGO Networking Session

Come and join us at this year's EASL Congress 2024 in Milan, Italy, for the A-TANGO Networking Session. We will have an overview slide deck, info materials, and treats available - can't wait to catch up with you! The half-hour session is intended as a meeting point for consortium members, study site investigators (that will implement the G-TAK study), colleagues from sister projects, as well as industry members and potential investors to chat and network. There is no formal agenda, but plenty of time to mingle, socialize, and plan collaborations.

  • When: Friday, 7 June 2024, 10:00-10:30 h
  • Where: Track Hub "Cirrhosis & Complications"

Swing by the A-TANGO totem at the EASL Community Hub if you have time!



More than 10 million people worldwide suffer from decompensated cirrhosis, often as a result of severe alcoholic hepatitis (sAH) or other chronic liver diseases. In its final stages, decompensated cirrhosis leads to acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF), a syndrome characterized by multi-organ failure. Effective treatment of ACLF is an urgent and unmet need. The A-TANGO consortium performs Phase 2 clinical studies of an innovative therapeutic strategy that targets inflammation and improves hepatocyte proliferation. We call this novel combinatorial therapy G-TAK. In addition, A-TANGO strives to identify reliable biomarkers for better patient stratification and an increased survival rate.

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  • Obtain ethical and regulatory approval of the planned clinical studies
  • Ensure safe and regulated supply of the required drugs and placebos
  • European multicenter clinical study to establish the safety, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy of our novel therapeutic strategy
  • Explore the pathophysiological mechanisms and evaluate biomarkers
  • Evaluate our results with respect to clinical outcome, treatment impact, and quality of life
  • Exploit our results by identifying economic benefits for the healthcare system, reimbursement strategies, and potential commercial interest
  • Disseminate the therapeutic potential of our novel treatment strategy to stakeholders and increase awareness of end-stage liver disease

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Prof. Dr. Rajiv Jalan (EF CLIF)
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Dr. med. Cornelius Engelmann (MD, PhD) (Charité)
Augustenburger Platz 1
13353 Berlin


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