European Foundation for the Study of Chronic Liver Failure

Team Leader

Prof. Dr. Rajiv Jalan

Professor of Hepatology & Scientific Director of EFCLIF
Phone: +44 207 433 279 5
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Team Staff

Prof. Dr. Vicente Arroyo

Professor of Hepatology & Director of EFCLIF
Phone: +34 932 271 401
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Dr. Anna Bosch Comas

General Manager of EFCLIF
Phone: +34 932 271 403
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Dr. Lidia Garcia-Campmany

Scientific Communications Manager
Phone: +34 932 271 407
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Carlos de la Peña-Ramírez

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Cristina Sánchez Garrido

Data Manager
Phone: +34 932 271 412
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Patricia Sierra

Data Manager jr
Phone: +34 932 271 428
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Pedro Izquierdo-Bueno

Phone: +34 932 271 417
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Ferran Aguilar

Phone: +34 932 271 409
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Institute Presentation

The European Foundation for the Study of Chronic Liver Failure (EFCLIF) was created with the aim of designing, promoting and supporting studies on the mechanism, prevention and treatment of liver cirrhosis and its complications; particularly, acute-on-chronic liver failure. EFCLIF is a non-profit organization committed to fight against a disease that represents the seventh most common cause of death in Western Europe.

EFCLIF has planned and organized three large (1200 – 1400 patients) multi-center (30-60 centers) observational studies in the field, with sequential sampling (CANONIC, PREDICT and ACLARA). One further large global study (including Europe, Asia, America and Australia) is in the phase of preparation. Moreover, EFCLIF has planned, prepared and executed investigator-initiated interventional studies, of which one study is completed. The studies of four further investigator-initiated trials have already started within the H2020 projects. The dedicated data management and analysis center is highly experienced with management of those studies and analysis of patients and omics data. The CANONIC study was the pioneer study within the field with regards to the sequential and extensive sampling of the patients.

Within A-TANGO, EFCLIF coordinates the project (WP8), and will lead the data management activities of the clinical study (WP5). Moreover, EFCLIF will participate in the study design, conduct and statistical analysis of the proof-of-concept trial described in WP1, WP2 and WP3.