Training & E-Learning

Aside from optional secondments at partner sites and the pairing with a senior scientist from the consortium as a mentor for the duration of the project, each A-TANGO early career scientist (ECS) will fill out and maintain a personal training portfolio that specifies individual training needs and goals, suggestions for Masterclass topics, and selecting a mentor (senior scientist from the consortium or its Advisory Boards). Every year during the annual general assembly (GA) meeting, A-TANGO will organise an ECS-dedicated programme, including Masterclasses and a mentor-mentee session. In addition, a frequent ECS-only journal-club-style seminar series will be organised. Dr. Annarein Kerbert (LUMC) has been elected as ECS speaker.

Training Documents

Masterclass Presentations

Masterclasses & Webinars

  • Introducing G-TAK, a novel combinatorial therapy for cirrhosis & ACLF (by Dr. med. Cornelius Engelmann)

    In this laymen-oriented webinar, the clinical study supervisor, Dr. med. Cornelius Engelmann (Charité), explains the different stages of liver cirrhosis and how this novel combinatorial treatment, G-TAK, may increase the survival rate of patients suffering from decompensated cirrhosis or ACLF. The video is a recording of a presentation given at an online patient event that was jointly organised by ELPA and EF CLIF and took place on 9 June 2021.

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  • Masterclass 1 – Advances in the Treatment of Cirrhosis and ACLF (Prof. Dr. Thomas Berg)

    In the project’s first Masterclass, Prof. Dr. Thomas Berg, Head of Hepatology Department at the University of Leipzig (ULEI) and current Secretary General of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL), provides an in-depth overview of acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF), a severe form of decompensated cirrhosis, as well as the current clinical challenges and newest developments with regard to treatment and recovery of affected patients. The Masterclass was held and recorded in the realm of the 2nd A-TANGO General Assembly (GA) Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, on 11 May 2022.

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  • Masterclass 2 – Medical Device Design, Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship (Daniel Green)

    Watch this video of Daniel Green – A-TANGO project partner, entrepreneur, and CEO of project partner Yaqrit (YAQ) – holding an interactive and fun Masterclass on “Medical Device Design, Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship”. The Masterclass was recorded as part of the early-career scientists (ECS) agenda during the 2nd A-TANGO General Assembly (GA) Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, on 11 May 2022. Download ppt slides.

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