Liver Quiz

You want to test your own knowledge about one of the most important organs in the body – the liver? Then carefully read the questions below and see whether you chose the right answer by clicking on the “Check the answer” button.

  • To find out about how healthy your own liver is, you can complete this brief questionnaire by Global Healing.
  • The Canadian Liver Foundation prepared a check-list to determine whether you may have any risk factors in your life that predispose you to liver disease.
  • Q1

    What does “cirrhosis” stand for?

    A. Alcoholic liver disease
    B. Scarring of liver tissue
    C. A type of hepatitis

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  • Q2

    What amount of alcohol consumption is best for your liver?

    A. Maximal 1 glass of beer per week
    B. Two soothing glasses of red wine every night
    C. None

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  • Q3

    Why is the liver such an important organ for overall health?

    A. It plays an important role in the body’s immune response
    B. It helps with the digestion of food
    C. It cleanses the body of toxins

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  • Q4

    How much does the adult human liver weigh in average?

    A. 1.3 – 1.8 kg
    B. 1.0 – 1.2 kg
    C. 0.5 – 0.8 kg

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