Work Packages

A-TANGO consists of eight tightly inter-linked work packages (WPs). Briefly, WP1 will perform the tasks related to obtaining regulatory and ethical approvals. Substantial work will be performed in WP2 to ensure safe and cost-effective drug production and delivery to all clinical trial sites. The Charité will lead WP3, which will implement the clinical trial protocol in about 30 European clinical sites that are connected to EF CLIF. In WP4, the biological samples will be bio-banked and analyzed. The biomarker data obtained from the trial will then be analyzed in more detail by WP5, including data management and statistical analyses. WP6 will conduct a market analysis as a basis for business planning, exploitation, and valorisation of A-TANGO results, including a health economic analysis to estimate the cost-effectiveness and impact of G-TAK administration on quality of life, and will foster engagement with all identified stakeholders. Through WP7, A-TANGO’s aims, progress, and results will be continuously disseminated by focusing on patient and public awareness of alcohol abuse, liver disease, cirrhosis, and acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF). Professional project management is covered in WP8 to oversee and streamline all activities and to ensure that the project as a whole performs at a high-quality level on time and within budget. You can cruise through the different work packages and their objectives in more detail below.

  • WP1

    Regulatory issues, contracts and ethics

    Lead beneficiary: ABR
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  • WP2

    Drug and placebo manufacturing, packaging, distribution and disposal

    Lead beneficiary: YAQ
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  • WP3

    Randomised controlled trial (RCT) of G-TAK in srAH and ACLF patients

    Lead beneficiary: Charité
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  • WP4

    Biobanking and determination of biomarkers from patient samples

    Lead beneficiary: UCL
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  • WP5

    Data management and statistical analysis of the randomised controlled trial (RCT)

    Lead beneficiary: EF CLIF
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  • WP6

    Health economics, reimbursement, exploitation and sustainability

    Lead beneficiary: HPX
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  • WP7

    Dissemination, communication, and training

    Lead beneficiary: concentris
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  • WP8

    Project management

    Lead beneficiary: EF CLIF
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