Alpha BioResearch S.L.

Team Leader

Miguel Pompa

Clinical Project Leader
Phone: +34 683 192 291
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Team Staff

Ignacio Salillas

Clinical Research Associate
Phone: +34 699 090 097
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Marcos Arranz

Clinical Research Associate
Phone: +34 917 452 520
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Institute Presentation

Alpha BioResearch (ABR) is a globally operating contract research organization (CRO) with 25 years of experience developing clinical trials. Alpha BioResearch is also experienced in international projects funded by EU institutions with a wide service portfolio adequate to any client needs.

In A-TANGO, the Clinical Operations Department will be in charge of conducting the trial, which is organized in two sections: start-up and clinical management. We will be leading and conducting the set-up phase, which includes all the regulatory tasks as well as all the phases throughout the clinical trial itself, from feasibility to close-out.