Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris

Team Leader

Prof. Dr. Isabelle Durand-Zaleski (MD, PhD)

Chief of Health Economics and Health Services Research
Phone: +33 140 274 143
Fax: +33 140 274 149
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Institute Presentation

Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (APHP / The Greater Paris University Hospital) is the biggest teaching hospital in Europe, federating 39 different hospitals and groups of hospitals mainly located in Paris and its suburban area. It is also the largest employer in the Paris region with more than 90,000 people working for this public institution representing more than 150 different jobs. With 23,550 doctors, including more than 3,000 professors and more than 6,000 residents and medical students, APHP’s staff cover all the major medical specialties

URC Eco is a publicly-funded research and knowledge unit that is part of APHP. URC Eco’s primary mission is to inform the decision-making process of stakeholders in the health care system, including policy makers, institutions and professionals in the areas of health economics, health services research and health policy analysis. To that end, URC Eco carries out research at the local, national and international levels with a focus on the assessment of diagnostic, therapeutic and organizational innovation, the supply of health care (costs, pricing, organization, quality, efficiency and resource allocation methods), the health care process (doctor-patient interaction, determinants of health services utilization) and health care policy (legislation, regulation, financing and insurance). The URC Eco has been involved in several EU funded projects and economic evaluations at the national level. As part of the APHP research directorate URC Eco is currently involved in over 20 trials.

In A-TANGO, URC Eco will be involved in WP6 for planning medico-economic analyses based upon the results of the phase 2 trial and phase 3 clinical trial, in collaboration with Hepyx and IMAC.