International Market Access Consulting GmbH

Team Leader

Louise Perrault

President and CEO of IMAC
Phone: +1 514 294 401 6
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Team Staff

Nicole Tunstall

Senior Consultant, HTA & Medical
Phone: +1 514 992 384 4
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Institute Presentation

IMAC was founded over 15 years ago and is a specialty firm with a unique business model. IMAC consists of expert analysts who work with multi-national and cross-functional teams in industry, academia, and government agencies to assist clients with global launch strategy. We have expertise in market access research analysis and reimbursement strategies through comprehensive market forecast and economic models, generating real world evidence to optimize market access, developing agency-compliant, high quality systematic literature reviews (SLRs) to inform indirect treatment comparison analyses, and creating compelling health technology assessments (HTAs) in over 25 countries.

IMAC has a team of market analysts and pharmacoeconomic experts who are skilled at research analysis and designing forecasting models for England, Europe, and North America. We have solid expertise in rare diseases and other therapeutic areas and a comprehensive understanding of established and emerging international markets, allowing us to provide optimal, customized solutions. Our innovative approach and industry-leading expertise ensure we successfully help overcome challenges at any stage of a product’s lifecycle.

For A-TANGO, IMAC is well positioned to provide a comprehensive market analysis of the potential commercial value and revenue for GCSF/TAK242 (G-TAK) with the aim of informing a successful market access plan. IMAC will develop an evidence-based, forecasting model built on analysis of the target population, competitors, epidemiology, and market share for G-TAK.