Yaqrit Ltd.

Team Leader

Carrie Morgan

Phone: +44 797 077 162 8
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Team Staff

Dr. Karen Church

Head of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance
Phone: +01 619 972 430 0
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Lynda McConaghy

Director of Operation & QA
Phone: +44 750 846 665 0

Institute Presentation

Yaqrit Discovery Ltd. (YAQ) is a clinical-stage life sciences company developing innovative treatments for patients with advanced liver disease in areas of high unmet medical need. Three of its scientific founders are practicing University College London (UCL) clinicians treating liver disease while simultaneously inventing patentable technologies and publishing their research in peer-reviewed journals. The company has completed randomised, controlled clinical trials in two other programs. All of Yaqrit’s work targets late-stage liver diseases, where patients are at risk of short term mortality, yet have very few treatment options available.

In A-TANGO, Yaqrit will act as sponsor of the clinical trial and will be broadly involved in regulatory affairs and clinical management.